Perspectives on Potential
Perspectives on Potential

Check out how others are reaching their true potential

here is a variety of people from various backgrounds and professions. they might be different but they all have one thing in common and that is to be 1% better each and every day. they have all answered 3 questions: 1. What does actualizing your potential mean to you? 2. Why is it important? 3. What steps are you taking to ensure you actualize your potential?

Percy Bell Jr.

  • Reaching my maximal potential means exceeding the level of success and effort that I feel is obtainable and realistic. I say this because, we have two types of potential, the potential we believe we can reach and then the potential we do not know we have. The second is usually confirmed by some outside force like a mentor, friend, family member. It can even be discovered after reaching the potential we believed we had in the first place but then having the feeling that we can go even further.
  • Reaching your maximal potential is important for a feeling of value, fulfillment and confidence. We all want to have value. Having a sense of value can be directly correlated to a level of confidence. Confidence can spill over to other areas of life and can be the main catalyst in perseverance.
  • E.g.- Having sense of value can motivate one to pursue their dream of acting. The value lies within the journey and experience that others can see. Both the knowns and unknowns witnessing this valuable journey, they too can become motivated and inspired to pursue a passion that they may have believed was not possible. In addition, by having confidence, one can preserver. There will be obstacles, but knowing you have the potential to overcome those obstacles makes the journey a lot less intimidating. We ultimately maintain our value a person while on this journey with confidence, which enables us to remain steadfast that will ultimately give us a feeling of fulfilment. The feeling of fulfilling a dream, goal or even your destiny is one of the greatest feelings ever.
  • Exercising gratitude as frequently as possible. This allows me to put in perspective how far I have come and the value I have. This is also a safety net that allows me to realize that I can do so much with so little. I step outside of my comfort zone frequently. To me this is the only way to grow. Think about the SAID principle- specific adaptations to imposed demands. I constantly put myself in pressure demanding positions so that continuously get stronger. By doing so, my mind, my heart, my body and my soul are resistant to atrophy.
Percy Bell Jr.

  • I think first we need to realize and appreciate that we are blessed with an ability to accomplish anything we set out to. This is huge because ego can get in the way if we believe we can do it all on our own or that maximal potential can be reached through a hand out. MP is a lot like an ocean. If you don’t prepare the sailboat and know your rigging, engine, wenches, and weather you’re in for a bad experience and potentially a life threatening or ending outcome. MP works the same way; through life we observe, listen, and take in advice or experiences; through this you grow, shrink, adapt, or explode. It’s your choice… YOUR!!! Reaching maximal potential involves a lot of falls and this means you need others; collaboration is crucial to maximal potential. Believe in others and believe in yourself. Find people who support you and hold onto those relationships; those that don’t let them go FAST! Negative mindset or jealousy can sink your MP faster than a sailboat that has hit a cargo container in the middle of the ocean. 
  • Some people don’t want to reach their potential so it’s not as important as some think. However pouring into people is a great igniter for potential and ultimately MP. Plants need nourishment and water just like an individual growing. Understanding your wants needs and likes is a must if you want to reach your MP. Because you can set your focus on the horizon and let go of un-needed distractions. Knowing how to let go of distractions or things that look shiny yet poisoness can ruin the soul and kill potential  MP quick.
  • MP is what makes the world and earth so amazing; when you connect with that inner light anything is possible. It’s why we have cars, tech, life saving advancements, and culture. MP supports the ever innovation of society.
  • For me, I make sure to surround myself with the right people. I mentioned this above because it has been a life lesson and one that I constantly tell people about. I also think writing down your goals and who you see yourself being… This needs to be done with clarity and time. “There is no process that does not require time” Principle 6. HAHA. Swallowing your pride is another one I continue to look at while becoming the man my future wife, kids, and community will be proud of when I pass. Take care of your mind 🙂 This is so important, love others, don’t judge. I know this can be hard but it’s because I let go of anger, frustration, judgment or other thoughts that have opened the biggest doors for my success. I love supporting others instead of being envious or jealous of others accomplishments. I love to learn from others success so that I can enjoy the present. And final music and reading helps me reach my MP; I connect through others words and it pushes me out of my own way.
Dr. Sean Drake